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The Story of Lump



A couple of years ago I bought a sketch by Picasso depicting a dachshund. Becoming increasingly more curious about the dog behind the sketch, I set out to learn everything I could. To my surprise, the story about the wiener dog was pretty unknown. I had to buy books, dig up old cached articles with interviews and manually translate french recordings. (Not being able to speak a word of french surely didn’t help). But it was all worth it in the end.

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The final video is ten minutes and 30 seconds long. The animation was made in Adobe Animate using a drawing tablet, the audio was recorded and mastered in Audacity, and the video editing and compositing was made in Adobe After Effects.

I wrote or painted over 250 individual frames.
Lump is german and means ”rascal”, a fitting name for the energetic little dog.
The story about Lump is surprisingly unknown, which made the research fairly difficult.
1473 words
The script contains 1473 words, which is actually 136 more than the The declaration of independence.


Here are some stills from the video.

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Art Direction

The choice to paint all the frames by hand was made with the inspiration from, of course, the paintings made by Picasso.


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