Virtual Production

NOSY - A horror



After seeing the incredible power that is real time virtual production with modern game engines, I realised that this is the future of video production. In this project i set out to find the answer to the question "How do you produce photorealistic video virtually in UE5?"

Watch the short here!



It was a little over a month between the first time i opened unreal engine and the time NOSY was finished. A lot of that time was spent on learning UE5 and all the ins and outs of virtual production. Excluding the work in UE5, the film took about a week to shoot, edit, grade and design sound for.

In total, around 2500 induvidual meshes were hand placed in the two enviorments.
The storage size needed for the project files was 0,25tb.
5 weeks
The project spanned over 5 weeks.
The film contains 19 real clips, and 5 CG clips produced virtually in UE5.

Stills from the film

Here you can see some stills from the actual film. Watch the entire thing yourself on YouTube.

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Virtual production

Producing video virtually is one of the best things I've learned in a while, the capabilities are endless. Below you can see some images from the process, and a couple of the environments i built. Some of the issues i had was making the boats float in a natural way, and rendering photorealistic clouds.


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