Björkåfrihet separated from Emmaus in 2019, but they didn't manage to sufficiently communicate this to their customers. They asked us to help them establish themselves as independent once and for all. The Client didn't want to change anything about their visual identity however, so the material they requested had to blend in seamlessly with their existing visual elements. The timeframe was a one-week design sprint.




Considering the Clients non-profit status, the budget was naturally quite low. Because of that, we focused on producing material which could be implemented in a campaign at a relatively low cost. We created a campaign called “We Have to Talk”, which plays on the concept of break-ups. The message our campaign communicates is that the client can relate to their customers, seeing as they just went through the very human experience of a “messy” break up themselves. Parts of the campaign are somewhat sexually liberal, something we found that the primary demographic would appreciate. Everything we produced fits flawlessly in to the clients brand. Watch the animations I made down below.

3 clips
I created three short animations that fit great with Björkåfrihets existing visual identity.
3 Posters
We developed three posters that work well on their own, but even better together.
My team members were Elina Sandström, Tom-Christian Stokka, Nelly Daltrey, Lina Fremlén & Adam Palmgren.
Pro Bono
Since Björkåfrihet is a non-profit, we did the project pro bono.


Here are the mockups for the printed media we created for Björkåfrihet.

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What We Made

Here you can see examples of what we made for the campaign. Printed media, a planned event, and the animations.


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