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One of my biggest interests is Formula 1, it’s an incredibly inspiring and fascinating sport. I listen to a lot of podcasts and naturally many of them are about F1. When I searched for F1-podcasts in Swedish, however, I noticed a gap in the market. The only Swedish F1-podcasts were made by journalists, and were very formal and dare I say it, dull. I proposed the idea of producing a more relaxed and fun F1-podcast to my dear friend Alex Utterberg, who immediately, to my delight, accepted.




After the incredible end to the 2021 Formula 1 Championship, the interest of the sport increased dramatically in Sweden, and we took our chance. We launched in the beginning of March 2022, and since then our growth have been astonishing. I’m very proud to be able to say that PoddRacing now is one of the most popular Formula 1-podcasts in Sweden.

Since our launch our downloads have increased with an average rate of more than 50% per month.
If you search for "Formel 1" on iTunes or Spotify, PoddRacing is on the first page (and often in the top spot!).
Top 100
We have broken in to the top 100 of all sports podcasts listened to in Sweden multiple times.
All the audio editing, filmmaking, graphic design and marketing are made by my co-host Alex Utterberg and myself.

Four Episodes

Here are four of our latest and greatest episodes.

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